“My experience with the Automated Medical Assistant has been remarkable. The program is very comprehensive, yet exceptionally straightforward and easy to use. It has saved us significant time and money. We love the Progress Notes feature, the Scheduler, the electronic claims reports, and the ability to access our data from anywhere. It is very affordable, which made it all that much more accessible. The support is outstanding. They are patient, extremely knowledgeable, and available – they literally hold your hand and walk you through any questions you may have. I am a very satisfied customer and would enthusiastically recommend this software to anyone.”

Robyn J. Geelhoed, Ph.D., HSPP
Director and Licensed Psychologist
Still Waters Professional Counseling, LLC

“I have been a certified medical biller for over 18 years, and have used many of the available billing programs. I have never found anything that fulfilled all of my needs as an office manager until I found AMA. I love that I can access it from anywhere that there is an internet connection. It is a well designed program, very intuitive, and includes every feature you need and much more. It will cut your work in half! It will track authorizations for you, keep you on top of timely filing issues, and is very easy to use and operate. The support is also wonderful. The fact is that AMA is the best practice management software that I have ever used! Period.”

Lore Edwards
Certified Medical Biller

“I have used several different practice management software programs to run physician billing offices. AMA is one of the easiest and most intuitive programs that I have used. My workload which consists of posting charges, posting co-pay/payments, sending claims to the insurance, and working accounts receivables, has shrunk since I migrated to using AMA. The reports in the system that allow me to audit charges, payments, and clearinghouse transactions are fantastic.”

“My bottom line: AMA is not only an intelligent decision, try it out and you will be hooked.”

Jasmine, Billing/Collections Specialist

“I have been using AMA for some time now. I can honestly say this program is very user friendly, easy to use, easy to learn and easy to understand. This makes getting started for new people a breeze. I use the program to enter details for new patients, post charges, post payments, put A/R notes, monitor authorizations, look up patient details, send out e-mails to patients or Doctors., check diagnosis code, etc. It has made our work very easy.”

“If this program is compared with any other on the market, I would say AMA is the best!!”

Vinod, Billing Supervisor

“I love this program. It is so easy to use. Having never used a billing program before, I was afraid to get started. But AMA is so intuitive, that I figured it out in no time at all. I use it to schedule patients, monitor authorizations, look up phone numbers and other information for patients, referral sources, and others, type progress notes, and track records requests. Everything is right there – all organized in one place. It has made my life so much easier.”

Sandra Solares, Secretary

“I am a speech therapist and have been using AMA for almost a year. I have been better able to effectively bill and collect a higher percentage of my receivables. AMA is organized, easy to use, and has great customer service. I highly recommend AMA for anyone who wants to better organize their client billing.”

Ravit Feldman, MS, CCC-SLP
Bay Harbor, Florida

“AMA is very user friendly and thorough in its ability to enable the clinician to track clinical notes as well as insurance and billing information. Everything one needs to know to maximize the clinical and financial efficiency of one’s practice is literally at one’s fingertips. I have especially appreciated the messaging feature of the software that allows clinicians and staff a secure and confidential communication option. AMA has been flexible and willing to evolve its design since day one in order to meet the needs of the health care provider. In a day and age when providers experience such significant demand for documentation it is nice to know there is a program with a personal touch and a commitment to helping us help others.”

Karla Townsend, LMHC
Muncie, Indiana

The software has helped me to organize me client data and present myself in a more professional manner.  The ability to schedule clients w/ a click of a button from my Blackberry, send out reminders via email, review/compare monthly earnings, and maintain progress notes whether I am in a hotel room, in  my car, in my office or at home has been wonderful.  What I appreciate most has been the responsive customer support, which has been consistent from the beginning.  For the price, I feel this has been one of the best investments I have made in my practice. “

Lourdes A. Viado, M.Ed., MFT, CADC
Las Vegas, NV 89102