• Independent tracking of insurance and patient balances
  • Warns you when managed care authorizations are expiring, whether by time or number of sessions
  • Transactions entered in seconds and automatically posted to the patient’s ledger. The ledger entries can be changed, deleted, or added to at any time
  • Patient statements are easily generated with just a few mouse clicks
  • Prints on the new HCFA insurance form!
  • Electronic insurance claims tightly integrated within the system. Clearinghouse reports appear automatically within the system for your review and follow up
  • Store and manage a virtually unlimited number of records
  • Pop-up lookup tables and drop down boxes of patients, providers, referral sources, service and payment codes, diagnoses, office locations, and insurance companies, allowing for fast, accurate data entry
  • Pop-up calendars for fast entry of transaction dates
  • Click on a link to automatically fill an entire charge or appointment screen with data from a prior charge or appointment. Allows even a complex transaction to be entered with just two or three clicks. A real time saver!
  • Payments can be posted directly to charges on the patient’s ledger, or through a rapid procedure allowing posting to many patients at once
  • Can store an unlimited number of insurance policies and responsible parties for each patient


  • Allows recording of unlimited progress notes for each patient. Also provides ability to upload documents to the patient’s account such as insurance ID cards, driver’s license, reports, or other documents that you want to store within the patient’s record.
  • Allows tracking of records requests such as in response to subpoenas, assuring that you respond in a timely manner and have documentation proving that you did what was required
  • Quick patient find features. Enter in any part (first few characters, a few in the middle, or any part) of the patient’s name, account ID, social security number, patient type (e.g., PPO. Medicare, Workers Comp, etc), birth date, home phone, work phone, cell phone, or fax phone, and the system will instantly find the correct patient(s)!
  • Allows for recording of multi-axial DSM-IV diagnosis for each patient
  • Easily record and track medications
  • Provides e-mail features, allowing you to send emails to patients and referral sources right from within the program
  • Integrated credit card processing and e-checks available with no setup fee and very affordable rates
  • Includes a menu of useful links, including such things as an online DSM-IV, detailed information about psychiatric disorders and psychotropic medications, on-line psychological tests, web sites that help locate patient addresses and phone numbers, and a variety of other useful and informative sites, all accessible from within the AMA system


  • Allows converting an entire day, week, or any time period into charges, making charge entry extremely fast and easy
  • Day, Week, Month, and Multi-Provider views
  • Features special reports and views that make it easy to spot patients that were overlooked in scheduling
  • Email reminders to patients for upcoming appointments, email a provider’s schedule to the provider!


  • Unlimited users included at no additional cost!
  • Unlimited rendering providers per billing provider
  • Password can be set by you to prevent unauthorized access to AMA and your valuable data
  • On-line help in the form of PDF documents and movies to get you to an expert level in very little time
  • Clearly written user’s manual complete with screen shots
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art SSL encryption to provide the highest level of security for your data
  • Data is backed up on a daily basis, in multiple locations, providing you with peace of mind
  • All program upgrades are automatically available to you, at no additional cost. It is all included with your monthly subscription
  • Responsive technical and customer support. We also provide you with the ability to offer suggestions for improvement or additional features. We really look at this – don’t be surprised if your requested feature is included in a future release – again automatically and at no additional cost.


  • Access from anywhere, even from an iPhone or PDA cell phone!
  • Phone numbers are hyperlinked so you can call the patient, referral source, etc, by just clicking on the phone number.
  • View your schedule and click on the patient’s phone number to call them
  • Enter appointments, send electronic claims, view reports and graphs from your mobile device.


  • Complete range of reports: insurance forms, patient bills, A/R reports, charges reports, payments reports, adjustments reports, daysheets, unpaid insurance, unpaid co-payments, authorization expiration reports, referrer analysis reports, practice analysis reports, phone directories, account summaries, office comparison reports, analysis by service reports, provider schedules, and more!
  • Beautiful bar charts to give a visual representation of the financial aspects of your practice.


Most payers accept claims electronically, but we can also send your paper claims. Just send us the whole batch. Those that can go electronically will do so, while the others will automatically drop to paper. The advantage to this is not just a huge cost savings; it also screens the claims for errors that could lead to denial by the insurance company, and keeps a record proving that you timely sent the claim.