Introducing a better way to collect payment from your patients!

We are very excited to announce that we now offer state-of-the-art payment processing services powered by Zirmed for credit cards and debit cards – integrated into the Automated Medical Assistant online Practice Management System.

Accelerate Patient Payments and Increase Collections

In most practices today, some of the most inefficient and expensive challenges revolve around billing and collections. As more health plans shift the cost basis from the insurance company to the individual patient, out-of-pocket costs steadily rise, and providers continue to experience a significant and very costly increase in patient bad debt. In this economy, collecting a patient’s payment at the point-of-care and storing a payment method to assure collection in the future is more important than ever.

To address these challenges, Advanced Billing Solutions and Zirmed have partnered to bring a solution to Automated Medical Assistant (AMA) clients to help shorten the revenue cycle and reduce patient bad debt.  Clients no longer need to leave the AMA system to process patient payments, eliminating the need for expensive credit card terminals and dedicated phone lines. Collecting payment from patients has never been easier or more cost effective!

Take advantage of the low group rate for all AMA clients.

  • No application fee
  • No set up fee

Contact one of our Payment Experts today at 800-815-BILL and start saving!

Integrated Payment Processing Advantages

  • Allows for quick and seamless implementation
  • Optimizes work flow when processing patient payments
  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards
  • Converts paper checks to ACH transactions to speed processing time
  • Automatically posts payments directly into your patient accounts
  • Frees up desk space – no separate credit card terminals or dedicated phone lines


  • Integrated Payments Module

Advantage: As part of the Automated Medical Assistant practice management solution, you are able to process credit and debit card payments from your patients in one convenient location.

Benefits: Save time in your business processes and work flow by using one system while at the same time eliminating the task of manually keying when posting payments to the accounting modules.  You’ll also eliminate the need for a separate credit card terminal and phone line which will in turn save space in the office and reduce expenses.

  • Detailed Reporting via the Automated Medical Assistant system and Zirmed Reporting Portal

Advantage: Easily keep track of your practice’s finances on a 24/7 basis via the internet.

Benefits: You can track all deposits, payments, and patient balances at your fingertips.

  • Card on File

Advantage: Store the patient’s credit or debit card in a secure location for future use for collecting co-insurance, co-pays, deductibles and other patient responsibilities.

Benefits: Reduce your patient debt and the need to send billing statements to patients with the ability to automatically charge a patient’s credit or debit card for outstanding balances.  For patients that visit often, use the stored card on file to conveniently collect co-pays which saves both you and your patient time during their visit.

  • ACH Services through Profit Stars

Advantage: Convert paper checks to electronic funds transfers

Benefits: Save trips to the bank, and keep the checks as receipts.  Electronic check transactions take precedent over paper checks over the counter, accelerating processing time.